1st JULY 2016 - REBECCA DOWNES Nominated in 3 categories of the 2016 British Blues Awards

(Special Guest: Jilly Riley).

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Rebecca Downes

From Wolverhampton, Rebecca made her stage debut at age 8 in a school musical and fronted her first band at 13.  She soon became stifled by simply performing ‘covers’ so, learning enough chords to initially start writing songs in the style of those sung by her heroes Maggie Bell, Bonnie Raitt and Tina Turner, her style has since then nicely matured into a kind of rocky blues with a funky edge, epitomised by her album ‘Back To The Start’.  A big plus is that she doesn’t get bogged down in ‘maudlin’ songs with plenty of sass and humour going on there.
The future is bright for Rebecca – a fresh face on a revitalised blues scene.  She isn’t the same as all the others; in fact she makes some older, more established acts look positively jaded, and that’s what makes it worth paying attention to what’s going to happen to her next. Whatever, it’s obvious her star is on the rise.

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Click here to see a video of Rebecca performing 'Believe', the title track of her new album.


Jilly Riley

Jilly Riley is a solo artist from South Elmsall, West Yorkshire, creating tasty little soulful treats for your hungry ears. Also known to dabble in activism and art of many kinds! Her music is completely home made and original, with flavours of funk, soul, blues,all wrapped in love and glazed with the golden sound of the hippy era. Organic soul, without modern intrusion.